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Melissa’s Favorite Things- Halloween Edition

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These are some of my absolute favorite things to decorate with for Halloween! With all of our stuff in storage this year, at least I can reminisce about decorating with all of these spooky things!

Bats! This is such an inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween and get in the spirit! Last year, I made the bats come out of the fireplace as well as put them in the kitchen but it is endless where all they can go! They change the look of a space instantly.

Amazon Bats
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I absolutely love this man in the moon face! He looks like so much fun and he would be even more fun to decorate with. There are a few different versions you can find on Etsy but this would also be a great DIY project. Although I love spooky Halloween decorations, I also equally love whimsical Halloween décor. He has so much potential!

Etsy Man in the Moon Face
Etsy Man in the Moon Face Clickable Link

I have been seeing a lot of these on Instagram this year and they’re fabulous! My most favorite way I have seen these displayed is hanging them by fishing line at different heights on the front porch. This is such a simple and inexpensive way to get your house in the Halloween spirit. And who doesn’t love a witches hat?

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Amazon Potion Bottles
Amazon Potion Bottles Clickable Link

These potion bottles are absolutely adorable to me! I love the distressed labels and the wording on them. You could set these in different rooms and display them similar to the picture above.

Amazon Rats
Amazon Rats Clickable Link

Last are these plastic rats. I did this last year and will continue to do it every year. The thought of rats in your kitchen is cringing but the thought of Halloween rats in the your kitchen is great! I also added some cheese and fruit on top of the cutting board. These are so much fun and can be placed anywhere for display!

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