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A Long Awaited Update!

So, let me start by saying this whole process is hard and very overwhelming. It is, and will be, a very rewarding process but insert caption…this is hard! From day one, we have been very indecisive about a floorplan. We definitely haven’t been one of the ones that look through a few plan and the perfect house jumps out at us. It has been a process and a lot of discussing and going back and forth. We knew from the beginning we wanted a ranch on a basement, a large walk-in pantry, larger bedrooms sizes, larger closets and a safe room. After looking through thousands of plans, we realized that wasn’t happening. After getting very discouraged, we took a few months off from looking to regroup.

Since we couldn’t find the plan for us, but still wanted to make something happen, we decided we would go ahead and start our 40×80 storage building. At least this way we could have some progress moving in the right direction. We went ahead and got permits, quotes and an overall design of the look we wanted together. Fast forward to last week, and now we are 99% sure we have found our house floorplan. I do believe taking that break helped clear our heads and allowed us to regroup before starting the search again. And after looking at the plan, we love everything about it and the things we wanted that it doesn’t have, we are able to make some changes to make it happen. We had about six contenders so I printed them each out and we took them to the property to narrow it down to the one that works best for us. Something about being on the property and discussing future home plans really made the decision easy!

This is the barn we are going to take ideas from and replicate some of the details. Heritage Barns

But, now back to the storage building. We are now trying to decide if we should go ahead and start the building process of it or if we should hold off and start moving towards building our house instead. I think ultimately, we should start our house and once that is complete, start working on our building. So we are back to square one in a sense, but still making progress.

In other news, we have also had our water lines ran down the entire length of the driveway already as well as met with the power company to get that process started. There’s lots of other things we have already done as well! I can honestly say building a house from the ground up is not for the faint of heart and if you are doing this, and already have a floorplan from the beginning, consider yourself lucky! We have flipped houses before and we have also built in a neighborhood using the builders floorplans. Those are both a piece of cake compared to this! It is a lot of pressure because every decision from the ground up is yours and you always try to think ahead to avoid having any regrets in the future. But with all that being said, this one is by far the most rewarding. I already know it will be worth every second once we’re done.

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