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Five Must Have’s In Our Home

hdc driveway

Rumor has it our driveway should be started next week! We were supposed to begin a couple of weeks ago, but then certain things got delayed so here we are. The good news is that we get to name the street! We are so excited about this. Does anyone have any suggestions?!

When we first started looking at this property in October of last year, the first thing I did was start a list of everything we wanted in our next home. I have been adding to this list since then, and it has definitely been a good idea to have. It gives us a chance to add to it and go over the existing things on the list so that we won’t forget anything important! Here’s a few must have’s for us:

  1. This is very small must have, but in the grand scheme of things, it matters! I definitely want to make sure there are electrical outlets on the ceiling underneath the front porch. Adding them during the build would be so much easier and make so much more sense than later on. These will make Christmas lights so much easier or anything else I want to plug in.
  2. I want a large island with a lot of drawer space in our master closet. Although I love the look of an island in a closet, it will also serve as a great storage space.
  3. I like this very first wish on the list and it is a hidden walk-in pantry! In addition to pantry items, I would possibly like to store a lot of kitchen appliances in there. It looks great to have two doors that work with the cabinetry and open up so you can walk inside the home.
  4. Another must for us is larger guest bedrooms as well as closets to go with each. As our daughter gets older, we want her to have her own space she can grow into. I feel as though smaller bedrooms work well for a toddler or a child small enough to also have a separate playroom, but not as much so for an older child or teenager.
  5. A ranch style home is the life for us! We know for sure, without a doubt, that we want a one story house. Although we aren’t sure whether it will be in a basement or not, we do know there won’t be an upstairs. There may also be an optional bonus room over the garage, but we do not want bedrooms upstairs that we will need to use everyday. Just the thought of not having stairs gets me so excited! I always like to call them ‘optional’ stairs since they will go to somewhere we choose to visit.

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