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Melissa’s Favorite Things- Garden Edition

This is definitely my most favorite time of the year and gardening is one of the reasons why! I love plants, planting, greenhouses, vegetables and all things garden. And I feel most (almost) confident saying I have a green thumb! This is actually one of the things I am most excited about moving onto acreage is having the opportunity to garden on a larger scale. Until that day can happen, though, I have kept a running list of all garden related things I either have already purchased or are planning to purchase when the time comes.


While there are many different types of harvest baskets, I love the look and style of this one the best. I also like that the liner can be removed for cleaning. It also has larger handles making it easier for carrying. I don’t have this yet, but this will be one of my first purchases once I start gardening.


Gardening is very rewarding but also a lot of hard work, and back breaking hard work at that! This rolling cart makes it easier to move up and down the rows while either seeding or just checking your plants. This is definitely a must on the list of things to get!


On Amazon there are lots of survival starter seed packs. If you are just starting out with gardening, I think this is a good place to start so you get a variety of different vegetables as well as herbs. It makes it a lot easier for a one stop shopping experience versus picking each individual packet out one by one. This gives you a good base and you can always add additional ones as well.


There are always other starter options as well as cheaper options, but I absolutely love the look of these obelisks. These are great for any climbing plants you may have or if you just wanted them for aesthetics, they are great for that too. These are made out of hardwood so they should hold up well and last multiple years. Also, if you are a good at DIY’s, these could easily be duplicated for a possibly cheaper option.


I originally saw one of my favorite bloggers, Liz Marie Galvan with this in a sweatshirt. Once I went onto the JCrew website, I realized they offered it in a t-shirt as well. This shirt is such a great price and one of the most comfortable t-shirts I own! It has become a stable in my closet and is so easy to throw on throughout the week for quick errands…or gardening! My only regret is that I didn’t buy a few more!

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