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Driveway Update!


We have some progress! This past weekend we went to visit the property and were pleasantly surprised to see some fence posts had been installed. We must move the horse pasture’s fencing before we can dig up our driveway. In order to move forward, this is an important step to take. The safety and security of the babies is a top priority! This also will allow us access in and out of the property, though, once it is complete.

the future driveway
Fence posts lining the where the future driveway will be

We plan on our driveway being about 50 feet wide at the beginning. The area needs to be large enough to allow cars, trucks, and large equipment to get in and out. And our driveway is going to be extremely long! We haven’t measured from beginning to end yet, but just guessing, it’ll be anywhere from a quarter to a half mile long! The thought of a long driveway is so exciting to us.

The current driveway
The very first posts we saw!

For the most part, the driveway should be a pretty easy process once it is started. There will be one area about halfway in that will need piping because it will go over a creek. Eventually, (because there are lots of other things to do) we would like to make this section into a little bridge you drive over with posts and railing. I can already see garland hanging on it for the holidays!

The driveway
The driveway will be straight up with the tree line to the left and the fence to the right in this picture. This angle is driving up the driveway back towards the road.

We’ve been proactive with the county and have already received our path name request back! It has been such a fun experience (and an unexpected surprise) to be able to name our street! In order to install the street sign, they will come out and start the driveway that is closest to the road. We can’t wait for this day which should be sooner than later!

The angle of the driveway
The angle is going down the driveway coming from the road going towards where the houses will be.

The next step is to complete the fencing and then we can start working on the beginning of the driveway closest to the road and work our way down. Following grade out, tree removal, and piping installation, we will lay gravel. Then we’ll have 100% easy access to the property!

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