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We Have a Driveway!

This process has been a long time coming but we officially have a driveway! It has definitely taken some time, but we also had a lot of hurdles to jump over! Combine this with everyday life, and well, here we are.

From the very beginning, we had to wait a little bit for the fence that keeps the horses in to be moved. It was a pretty good amount of fencing that had to be redone and took some time. Once that was complete, we had the entrance cut in and the concrete poured at the beginning by the road. Then we had to remove trees, bring in dirt, start cutting the driveway in, bring in more dirt, add pipe for two creeks and bring in more dirt! The first creek to cross was a pretty easy process but the second creek required a lot more dirt and merging two creeks into one. Between all of this, and add weather to the equation, it took some time. We also haven’t been working on this every day. So, with all of that said, it has reached the point that we can drive all the way down and across!

We obviously have a lot left to do but it has been such a good feeling to finally be able to drive from the start of the driveway all the way to where the houses will sit. What may seem like a small feat to others is such a big deal to us and we are thrilled!

I feel the the driveway will always be a work in progress. Our next step is to hopefully start with our first layer of gravel. We eventually want to add large rock on each side of the drive by the pipes and give it an overall more esthetically pleasing look. We’ll add flower beds in as well. All in good time, though! And to be honest, this is the fun part and how we’ll spend a lot of our weekends once we’re settled. We love a good project!

With the driveway being so long, this has been quite the process and we are more than ready to get started with the next phase. It has definitely been a long time coming! This week on the schedule is the perc testing. Once this is finished, we can start figuring out exactly where the houses will be placed. We’ll also start working on septic and utilities.

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