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Our Driveway Has Been Started!

This is the day we have looked forward to since our land closing! We are so excited to see our driveway coming together. You always have a picture of what you think it is going to look like in your mind but seeing it come to life in person is a whole different experience. And I am here to say, it’s going to be more beautiful than I had even imagined in my mind!

We are only at the beginning of our entire process and have already learned so much! It reassures me that doing this blog could possibly help someone else on their future build. Although our situation is a little bit different, though, there may potentially be others with a similar scenario. Because of the length of our driveway as well as doing it ourselves versus having a builder handle it all for us, it has definitely been a learning experience that we wouldn’t change!

Let’s talk driveways. So much as changed since my last post. Before, when standing at the beginning, we looked down and only saw grass and a tree line. Now, we have the entrance done, the driveway cut in and the first layer of gravel on a portion as well as the better half of two-thirds of the entire driveway finished! We’ve had to have 20″ culvert pipe placed at the first creek and should have more 36″ culvert placed at the second creek soon. It has truly been an experience in itself just to watch this process transform.

For the driveway to be completely finished, we are still needing to add the water pipe from the entrance down, finish crossing over the second water area, bring some dirt in and finish graveling. We are so close! We have lots of plans for the future for our driveway. We know for sure we want to make the entrance beautiful with landscaping and a privacy gate. We have a few ideas in mind of what else we want but we are still tossing around ideas. We are also planning on doing a covered bridge over one of the creeks. Wouldn’t it be dreamy to decorate for the holidays? And we’ll also add landscaping along each side of the drive all the way down.

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, our driveway will be complete within the next week. Once this is done, we’ll move on to the next thing on the list. We also have our perc test scheduled in the next couple of weeks and plan on meeting with an architect soon to start the process for house plans. It is finally all coming together!

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