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We Are Officially Land Owners!

Our New Property

The time has come! We own our land officially. We re now Official land owners. For some reason, and I’m not sure why, we have been very nervous about this day. Are we making the right choice? Will this be a big change? Can we handle this? All of these questions and more have come up in past conversations but now that the day has come and gone, it is a very surreal feeling. Everything leading up to this and the way we feel right now let’s us know we made the right decision. Relieved to have this chapter behind us and excited for the next chapter ahead!

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Our next major move is to figure out what needs to happen to in order to get us on the land by February of 2022. Our first and foremost priority should be obtaining the permits and constructing the driveway. I’ve also put a list below of the ideas we have thrown around for the quickest turn around time. Now we just need to sit down and lock one of those ideas down.


  1. Live the camper life! Pros: We already have a camper. Moving it the land would be relatively easy. Cons: We would be living in a very small space. Showers would not be ideal and cooking would have to be improvised.
  2. Modular home. Pros: We would have more space and a more permanent “temporary” living arrangement. Cons: We would have to buy one and have it delivered to the land.
  3. 3 car detached garage: Pros: We would have a detached garage already built that would have a two bedroom apartment above it for future guests after our house was built. We would also have storage space with having the three car garage underneath. Cons: We would have to have our house plans picked out so the garage could be attached. It would also be the most costly idea and would be cutting it close on our time frame.
  4. Build a large barn with apartment on one side (or above) and storage space on the other. Pros: We would already have it built because it is on our list of to do’s. We would also have space for storage. Cons: Again, the time frame would be cutting it close. We also would rather have the entire barn for storage and other things, and feel like the apartment would not be used after we moved out of it.

The reason we want to do this is because we do not want to rush into it and feel overwhelmed. We want it to be the best experience possible and we want to enjoy the process. After we settle in, we will start construction on the house. That also gives us time to lock in our house plan, the location and any minor (and major) details. I can definitely tell you as of right now, we haven’t found a plan that we absolutely love everything about. I have been keeping a list of wants as well as plans we do like things about. We may end up having to create our own and we’re okay with that option as well. Here soon, I will be sharing our wants in a home and ideas we have so far.

Finding the land and now closing on it was one of the bigger checkmarks on our list. Now that we’ve done both of those, on to the next!

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