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Our New Property
new property

Our property has officially been staked! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We first started looking at the property in the fall of 2020 and officially decided to put a deposit on it in January of this year. Now that the survey is done, we can sign the contract and plan to close in 7-10 days! It’s all so surreal, I’m not sure what we’ll do first. This is our first time building a house on property like this from the ground up. Our previous house was in a neighborhood with a builder and semi-custom, so this is definitely a different scenario!

Our first goal, since building prices are such a huge hurdle right now, will be to have the driveway cut in. Once we do that, we’ll figure out what our living arrangements are going to be. We have thrown around a few different ideas. Such as a camper, building a pole barn with living quarters or a three-car detached garage with an apartment above. Our rental lease is up in February, so the count down is on to figure it out! We are nervous that with permits, the driveway and whatever we decide to build, that it will be cutting it close!

This is most definitely going to be a learning process for us. And our hope is that we can share it so that it may help someone else in this similar situation. We’re going cover it all! We’ll also be sharing the financing side of it being that we’re self employed. Along with that, we’ll also be sharing our design ideas and what our definite wants are in a home. Let us know if you have any questions along the way because that is what we’re here for!

new property

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